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Court Watch NOLA volunteers speak out about why they enjoy court watching:

“I enjoy Court Watch NOLA because I learn so much!”

"Because you never know what’s going to happen in court."

"I feel there is no other way to keep public servants accountable to the people of New Orleans. We are making real change on a regular basis and not many other groups can say that."

"For the drama!"

"I enjoy court watching because it keeps my mind active, I’m able to help others, and I’ve made new friends in court."

"I love volunteering for Court Watch NOLA because I’m doing a small but needed public service to help make the court more efficient."

"I enjoy volunteering for Court Watch NOLA because it allows me to try and improve a system that is vital to the safety and well-being of the people of New Orleans"

"I enjoy meeting people and seeing the criminal justice system’s impact on people’s lives."

"It is interesting to me to see how different judges handle similar cases."