National Center for State Courts: Focus on Procedural Justice Reduces Recidivism

Dec 29, 2013

More proof that a focus on procedural justice in criminal courts reduces recidivism! Procedural justice (a.k.a. procedural fairness) – if defendants feel like the court process was fair (even if they lose), and feel respected, they are more likely to respect and obey the court – is one of the three principles behind the founding of […]

Improving Misdemeanor Courts in 5 Easy Steps!

Dec 26, 2013

The Center for Court Innovation’s recent article on improving misdemeanor court practices is a good starting point for reforming New Orleans’ own Municipal Court. Step one: EXPAND pretrial services – whereas some Judges and bail bondsmen have suggested abolishing New Orleans Pretrial Services. Other key steps: using more community service punishments rather than expensive and […]

Forward New Orleans Coalition Announces Platform for Progress

Dec 17, 2013

Court Watch NOLA is a proud member of Forward New Orleans, a coalition of civic and business groups dedicated to making our city government better, and that recently published a platform for continued reform efforts. Please read more about FNO and encourage all candidates for municipal office in the upcoming election to pledge to follow this platform […]

Court Approval Rating at 34%

Nov 18, 2013

Only about one-third of New Orleans residents approve of the Judges at Criminal District Court, according to a new report: “The city’s criminal courts are only slightly more popular. A steady 34 percent of survey respondents said they approved of the courts, with no gap at all between black and white residents. Chervenak argued the courts […]

CWN Investigates Top Donors to Judicial Campaigns

Nov 14, 2013

Inspired by recent media reports on campaign finance in Louisiana, Court Watch NOLA just finished publishing a series of Facebook posts researching the top donors to the campaigns of each Criminal District Court Judge… and the results were revealing. By cross-referencing top campaign donors with data gathered by Court Watch NOLA, we found that the […]

CWN Announces Support for Pretrial Services

Nov 07, 2013

Court Watch NOLA, along with dozens of other nonprofit and community groups, recently announced its support for the continuation of the New Orleans Pretrial Services program. This program uses national best practices in an effort to make sure that defendants who pose a risk to public safety are detained awaiting trial and that defendants who […]

Tulane Recognizes CWN

Oct 24, 2013

A Tulane leadership seminar is using Court Watch NOLA as a case study for how organizations can make change in our community. Thanks to our directors and volunteers for making that change over the past few years, and thanks to Tulane for the recognition!

NIC Preliminary Findings Mirror CWN Report, Praise Pretrial Services

Oct 18, 2013

The National Institute of Corrections’ very interesting preliminary findings on our criminal court and pretrial services program were presented to the City Council today. The NIC notes that court decisions are being made in chambers instead of in public view in the courtrooms, and there is “little transparency” in the court process. The NIC went […]

CWN Fall Volunteer Meeting

Sep 12, 2013

Some of Court Watch NOLA’s volunteers recently met with prominent criminal defense attorney Jason Williams to learn more about the courts, talk about their work, and share ideas. Thanks to Jason for joining us!

New Report Again Raises the Issue of “Right-Sizing” the Courts

Sep 03, 2013

In our 2012 Report, Court Watch NOLA highlighted that Criminal District Court may have too many judges, and urged a “community conversation” about right-sizing the court system. Now a new report from the Bureau of Governmental Research has ignited that conversation, and put a price tag on the possible excess: the public pays for 13 […]