Tulane Undergrad

Court Watching Resources

Important Steps
  1. Fill out availability survey
    1. Due Friday at NOON!
    2. Submit new form with permanent changes
    3. Email with 1-week changes
  2. Watch this video about the schedule and assignment process.
  3. Check your email for your assignment
    1. Schedule goes out Friday evening for following week. This is your assigned day and tentative court section assignment. For CDC, the court section may change due to closures.
    2. For CDC, you’ll get an email the night before with your final confirmation of your court section.
    3. For Magistrate First Appearances, you will get a scheduled email at around 1 PM the day of your observation that includes a link to the Zoom room and the docket.
    4. Then…go to court and do your observation.
  4. Upload your data. This is literally half of the operation. Please do it within 48hrs.
    1. CDC
    2. Magistrate First Appearances
    3. Muni Regular Docket
    4. Muni First AppearancesĀ