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Court Approval Rating at 34%

By November 18, 2013No Comments

Court Approval Rating at 34%

Only about one-third of New Orleans residents approve of the Judges at Criminal District Court, according to a new report:

“The city’s criminal courts are only slightly more popular. A steady 34 percent of survey respondents said they approved of the courts, with no gap at all between black and white residents.

Chervenak argued the courts may be unpopular for two reasons. First, simply because institutions, without a human face or personality attached to them, tend to be less popular than individuals. And secondly, because of how often repeat offenders turn up in the headlines.

‘I just get the sense that people feel the court is a revolving door,’ he said. ‘You read the news accounts of people getting arrested and they have these long rap sheets. You wonder why these people are still on the street.'”

The article also pointed out that the District Attorney had a 55% approval rating.