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Procedural Justice

National Center for State Courts: Focus on Procedural Justice Reduces Recidivism

By December 29, 2013No Comments

More proof that a focus on procedural justice in criminal courts reduces recidivism! Procedural justice (a.k.a. procedural fairness) – if defendants feel like the court process was fair (even if they lose), and feel respected, they are more likely to respect and obey the court – is one of the three principles behind the founding of a community court in Brooklyn. This (long) study by the National Center for State Courts shows that the court “appears to bring about a robust and sustained decrease [of 10%] in recidivism,” and states that “the primary lesson is clear: a commitment to procedural justice in all aspects of court operations appears to be essential… to achieve a reduction in recidivism.”

Follow along over the next few weeks to learn more about how Court Watch NOLA is incorporating into our own operations the need for greater procedural justice in New Orleans’ courts.