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CWN Releases New Report

By October 7, 2014No Comments

Thanks to your support, Court Watch NOLA is shaking things up!

This morning we released our newest report, titled Fair, Functional & Friendly: Citizen Suggestions for Making Orleans Parish Criminal District Court More User-Friendly and Procedurally Fair for Witnesses, Families, and the General Public.

This Report expands beyond our usual investigation into efficiency and transparency. It walks the reader through the average citizen’s visit to Criminal District Court from beginning to end. And it not only answers the question “Is Criminal Court doing its job quickly?” but seeks to answer the broader question “Is Criminal Court doing its job effectively?”

To do this, Court Watch NOLA researched and asked its volunteers to observe metrics related to national judicial best practices throughout the first half of 2014. In all, 57 CWN volunteers observed 479 different sessions of court to gather the data that went into this report.

View the full Report.

View the Executive Summary.

View the Recommendations.

And as always, you can view data and volunteer observations regarding individual elected officials on’s “Elected Officials” pages.

So thank you for your continuing support and we hope that you find our newest Report to be helpful and important. We could not do this work without you.